Stephen Lucas

If I bled I still loved you,
Would you believe me?

I have no other question,
No other concern,
I don’t need to know if you care
About me


Would you take time to look in my eyes,
Venture beyond lies,
Broken ties,
And try?

Could you journey passed whys of winter,
Barren and cold,
Windy and dry,
And see me,
Standing here,
On a freakishly summer-like May day
Saying – bleeding
I love you?

Could you hear those words
From my lips?

Could you feel me?

See my truth?

Would you believe me?


14 thoughts on “Closure?

  1. Bleeding from your pen, these words you write are fantastic! Real, felt, emotion, intelaced with wonderful, slighty dark (to this readers mind, fair warning!) imagery. Much enjoyed my visit! 🙂

  2. I hope you recive the answers you are looking for.To me…that tree looks kind of scary…just saying!Thanks for sharing a beautiful poem all the same.

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