Mist of Mint (Wordle 3)

Tom Fedro http://www.verybigart.com/thomasfedro.html
She breathes a mist of mint on my lips
Want slides, pushing aside pride
Conscious is released, clocks out, turns its head
Mists of mint
Supersedes tugs of guilt
Evaporation of resist is quick
A flooding river in reverse
Mists of mint
Release sweat
Tiny drops of water wet my unbuttoned shirt
Seaweed handcuffs tickle
Just right, then too tight
Mists of mint
Left me for dead
On the shore of white sand and black stones
Bruises of shame embroidered my neck
She breathes a mist of mint

8 thoughts on “Mist of Mint (Wordle 3)

  1. This is a well constructed wordle piece Henry, it pulled me in. The repetition of mists of mint will linger for awhile. Mint soothes the stomach, so its smell pleases, it will draw some people in every time. Alluring with a bite.~Brenda

  2. Henry, enjoyed the repetition that seemed to evoke a sense of warning. Truly skilled wordle. Not forced at all. Thanks for your kind comments and support on my blog, too.

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