Pearl’s Song (Big Tent)

Barren wombs
Strung as one long string of lies
Rolling fears
Crying blooms 
Flood as one long wave of pain
Come back home
My old friend
Leave his turquoise dreams alone

Allow your soul
to breathe again
Jump the fishbowl of his hold


Seed-like hopes
Tied with ropes
Pull you straight back home to us

Tearful pleas
Crying please
Give you strength to find your way

You’re a pearl, Pearl.  Come back home where pearls of white are true. You’re not a goldfish anymore.

NOTE:  This is the last prompt from Big Tent Poetry.  We each were to supply lines from some of our older poems and list them.  Then we were to pick one or two to use as this week’s prompt.  I used a part of a line from Irene, “My dreams are the color of turquoise.”  Haven’t been involved with Big Tent long, but I have enjoyed them.. Thank you.


11 thoughts on “Pearl’s Song (Big Tent)

  1. Enjoyed the portrait you painted with your words. I think I know Pearl and would say the same. I will miss BTP, but am sure we will see one another again,Elizabeth

  2. Henry, Your rhyme is well crafted and subtle. This is a piece I'd love to hear aloud. I tried something: I read all the first lines, then all the second lines, etc. Wow.I echo Pamela…check it out!~Brenda

  3. Rich and colourful language here, Henry, organised into an incantatory rhythm. Yes, it's sad that the Big Tent is folding. They've done so well to maintain standards for so long.

  4. I like the energy in this, such as "jump the fishbowl" & its surprise.Glad you found the tent when you did, Henry, and hope you find new community with these fine folks.

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