Ocean City Poet (One Stop- picture prompt)

Photo by Fee Easton
Lost on a desert island,
wind shaped dunes,
two battered skiffs
on vanilla beach
of finely crushed stone.

The sea,
brilliant blue,
gently rising,
as it breathes.

The sand,
singing solo in offshore winds,
clean shaven and barren,
searing sun
and gentle waves.

The survivors,
tattered Khaki pants,
white sweat-stained shirts,
tattooed crosses,
on reddened skin …

“Enough, Judith, can’t we ever just come to the beach?  This is Jersey for crying out loud.”


3 thoughts on “Ocean City Poet (One Stop- picture prompt)

  1. Now Henry, you ought to be nicer to the old folks; old skiffs indeed! I love your topsy-turvy personification of sea and sand as well, and the hip Robinson Crusoe stranded on the Jersey Shore. I love it all.

  2. Ha! As one who grew up in NJ, and visited The Shore and Ocean City many times, that was an excellent poetic setup for the ending punchline. Cheers

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