Tattoo(less) Behind (Wordle 4)

Painting by Judy Sprano
I hide well
above brackish water
in a brick bridge house
with ivied smoking chimney
in the English Lakes District
alone with my crowd of fire   stoking psychosis
slurping rural textured walls   with my muse
spanning the salty inlet
of my disguise.
I’ve substituted
the infusion of brandishing toxins of “The Dream,”
now filtered
through my hideaway of bridge dwelling bohemianism ,
and eke an existence
to stop the world from tattooing
“sucker” on my arse.
And I speak prose into existence
in the English Lakes district,
alone with my selves
and tattoo(less) behind .

NOTE:  The prompt for this “poem” was a collection of words called a wordle at “A Whirl of Wording Sundays.”


9 thoughts on “Tattoo(less) Behind (Wordle 4)

  1. Henry, This is interesting. As I read, I try to envision the narrator, troll? human? madman? The piece tells a story, and I'm glad he's kept his behind his own. ~Brenda

  2. The world does try to tattoo us whenever it can, doesn't it? I like the twisty tale you've spun from the words, and the image of the narrator at work in his brick bridge house alone with his selves.

  3. Too late for me … I've got the sucker tattoo to prove it! You've woven quite a tale here, Henry, using those rather difficult wordle words. Well done!

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