Love’s Not a Dream (Poetry Potluck)

Thomas C. Fedro
It’s not stars
drawing your heart to castle walls height,
misting bathe of full moon’s light.
Or wisp of breeze,
whispering please,
lulling you from maiden’s bed
to wake and search and wonder.
my love draws smooth
across strings of shadows
below your gaze,
and archers aim
from safety
outside fortress iron.
You’ll be the Queen
on castle walls;
I the rhythm of your dream,
in shadows gray and lost.
May we meet
Heart to heart
With full moon’s light
In between, plenty and want.
Until then,
I play my strings,
Love’s not a dream
To me.

11 thoughts on “Love’s Not a Dream (Poetry Potluck)

  1. This is simply wonderful, Henry! Your imagery is so rich and fantastic!! And oh yea..love's certainly NOT a dream to me either!! And living it is quite something.. isn't it?!?! :)Really enjoyed this poem, my friend..

  2. jessicasjapes says:

    I love that phrase about being 'the rhythmn of your dreams' – wonderful. The image fits delightfully with your words.Thanks for visiting my poem earlier.

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