Since (poets rally 44)

I haven’t smiled

But today

I feel wind blowing
          a new

Rusty weathervanes squeak as they turn
Colorful kites soar over unfamiliar park trees
Fisherman, baffled, walk to the sunlit side of the pond, to cast
The cautious buck pokes his horned crown out from bristly brush
A red stained wren sings a song solely for newly opened windows

I feel wind blowing
          a new

Though my eyes still ache when touched by sunlight
I clearly see a narrower path, now revealed
As giant firs drop their arms in homage to the keeper of wind
I smell the aroma of pine sap; tears of joy from the forest that once only whispered its secret in soft night breezes

Though I woke
In the wake
            of yesterday’s


I sense wind blowing
              a new

I smile
For the first time

POET RALLY 44 WINNERS: http://promisingpoetscafe.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/the-perfect-poet-award-4-rally-week-44/


21 thoughts on “Since (poets rally 44)

  1. Rediscovering joy really is like sensing a "wind blowing from a new direction." Been there myself. I really like the structure of this poem, and its connections between nature and the heart.

  2. Beautiful….Wish that the wind always blow for you in 'todays' direction and there is always a smile on your face.Thanks for sharing….

  3. Today, after reading this, I too smiled for the first time..:) Amazing choice of words and feel..definitely have a neat flow…and the essence of the verse..'I sense wind blowing from a new direction'…captured well..

  4. Dear Henry, thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry it took so long to come over here.The structure of your windy stanzas is exquisite, and the words so carefully chosen… the tree itself is an example of nature's wisdom – ain't no wind gonna blow down that mistress of heaven!Amyhttp://sharplittlepencil.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/twofer-damp-laundry-haiku-rank/

  5. Thank you Henry for all the lovely words in my blog. Both of us wrote about smiles, for me, the inspiration was a stranger woman and for you the blowing wind. Let us not loose our smiles ever. Loved your poem very much. Radhika

  6. This Rally, I have just read too many poems with smile being the theme.. hunh! now thinking.. :DAnd yeah! Keep smiling like no ones business!Hugs xox

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