Blowin’ Cold (Poetry Potluck)

Brief breaths

Swirling red haze
Hendrix’s fogged Hat
Reveal eyebrows raised
Smacked upside down riffs
Rainbow chords in clouds
A rainy day
Free verse brain

Janis injects transparency
Veins bleed clear soul juice
Moanin’ at midnight

Cold winds blow Too soon
Before noon
Shadows grow
All along the watchtower’s
Ball and chain
Wind cries mary
And bobby mcgee
Brief breaths
Blowin’ cold
Too soon


Too soon


17 thoughts on “Blowin’ Cold (Poetry Potluck)

  1. came back to look again & i dig that font, it totally goes!hey henry? can i make a suggestion? chicks with bad eyes like mine find it hard to read white on black. wanna read your delicious words and they kinda swim around on the screen. just saying.

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