Her Soldier (Form Monday-One Stop)

Warm breath births chill bumps
Trickling down
Neck’s back
Tingling in concert
Accompanying her

Butterflies tickle
Fevered ears, red,
Whisper his name.

Every heartbeat
Keeps time with hope.

Memories with wings, soft voices and tender touches.

“Let my soldier-man be safe, Lord,” prays the wife.



11 thoughts on “Her Soldier (Form Monday-One Stop)

  1. Living with the idea that all you most value can be taken away at any time is intense, stress that refines every sensation, and that feeling increases the force of the imagery here. Fine, classic free verse, and many thanks for sharing it today.

  2. Agree with Joy – sensory reactions become automatic when under stress and longing. You marry the subject and her longing so well. Very tight and compressed. Very well done. Gay

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