Rain Check

Sarah Joncas
I’m not in the mood for alluring
Or enchanting this evening
Or stories of devious torsos contorted in sensuous twists of flesh
I don’t want my fantasy wish to come true
Especially involving the lotus position
And its kinship with other bold and strange offers of seduction
I am actually inspiring some other bed sharing activity
I’m tired
My job is sucking life out a drop at a time
But can I get a rain check?
For Wordle 8, The Sunday Whirl

11 thoughts on “Rain Check

  1. Excellent writing. My eye kept returning to those darn millipedes. Disturbing little buggers. I hope your week finds a bit of time for relaxation. You can be alluring later. 😉

  2. mmmmmm….perhaps it is time for a career change? I am still laughing. Good job, though the critters look like things I encounter here in the Brazilian floresta. Today is my first visit to your blog. Pretty weird, no wonder I love it. Great poetry, too. Hugs, pat

  3. Sounds like my cries for sleep. But I'm older so I took care of the problem by retiring from the job that stressed me so much I couldn't sleep. Some day, Henry!I suspect everyone can relate to your poem.

  4. Henry, enjoyed this very much. I like the persona you've adopted in this poem. And such a strong voice it is. I think she'll get the rain check she asked for.Richard

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