Just a Man


Rocks in my shoe
A thorn in my hand
Wind blowin’ in my face
I’m just a man

Walkin’ round mountain high
Watchin’ eagles fly on by
Bears growl by my side
I’m just a man

I’m just a man
I’m just a man
I’m just a man
I am

Got a poem on my tongue
Pierced words for lost love
Your face stains my brain
Blue eyes blink insane

I’m just a man

Runnin’ way
I’m just a man

I’m just a man so plain
I’m just a man in pain

NOTE:  A recoring of this poem in song is located at the bottom of this poetry section.
Special Thanks to Don Ross for guitar music @Candyrat / Goby Fish Music/ Don Ross 2010

This is for Poets Rally 46.


40 thoughts on “Just a Man

  1. Being just a man sometimes it's great! And the pain … it always goes away …Loved the three header! First time here and I like it! Thanks for the sweet words you left at my blog!

  2. This I would call a perfect imagery. I am just a man, plain, in pain. Simply Wow! Straight touching the senses, analyzing the thoughts in a way that connects to speechlessness of life. Amazing!

  3. "Got a poem on my tonguePierced words for lost loveYour face stains my brainBlue eyes blink insane" I really love the words and ideas in this stanza/verse, it's really clever and full of emotion. It's poems like this that remind me that I really love poetry. :] xx

  4. Thank you for the comments. I would like to mention there is a live recording of the poem just above the post n my Blog. I'm not sure if it is not showing up in your view when you link to this poem, or it is just bad. But I was wondering what ya'll thought of that too. Thank you for comments though.

  5. Thanks for the link, KID! 🙂 I thought the song was awesome! You've got some jazz, funk, fusion going on that's right up my ally…and you said you couldn't sing! Kick started my morning in a very funky way! 🙂 Original, unique…nothing going on right now in my musical bubble that compares. The lyrics are wonderful, and the music stylings were unexpected indeed. Did you write the music as well? Loved it 🙂

  6. I like the imagery in your poem. Love the first and last verses. I know nothing about music but I enjoyed listening to your song. So interesting, too, to hear the voice of a person whose written words one has been reading.

  7. Great poem, but there is no "just" involved in being a man (or woman), for to be a man (or woman) is to be alive, to be so capable of so many things. To be a man (or woman) is an amazing thing, through pleasure or pain. Loved the poem even if I disagree with the refrain.The Lonely Recluse

  8. I loved this especially with audio because I could really hear the rhythm (I am afraid I have none of my own lol). This is really cool! You have balls I thought of reading a poem and that seemed scary singing is a whole other beast

  9. Hey! Hey! You don't come across many poems set to music. I love the concept of this! Guitar is working well, too! Fabulous wording, and a clever method to help keep your words within us throughout the day! Hope you do more of these…!

  10. Henry, you did such a great job at recording your song/poem. I really enjoyed both.That tree photo is astounding. Also enjoyed your tree slideshow.So loved my visit here today. Thanks.Gayle

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