Cloud Trees

Cloud trees release their fruit to the wind
  a hundred feet above
  in fields of eternal blue.
Clouds are birthed in this grove.
My tears alone water these giants;
  that is,
  my sorrow runs dry.
  do sorrows ever run dry
  this side of  blue sky,
  this underside of clouds,
  where rain falls
  and orange mist rusts red bicycles?
I’d like to move to the sun fruit forest,
  but pay is better here;
  more job security,
  and I am alone
  to create cloud sounds for blue skies,
  and those who live downwind.
I need my trees;
  I’m afraid to leave,
  and the valley needs rain.
For Poetry Potluck

8 thoughts on “Cloud Trees

  1. Unique..feel and theme!Cloud tress..the vision is awestruck with the depth in each word..'I like the blending of metaphorical touch in these verses..Nice..well done again.

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