Self Portrait

Antonio Mancini
The Sun
Commotion of self
Skirmishes with doubt
Institutionalized pastels
Zapped dark
Bold strokes
The Moon
Cello vomits
Porridge and bread
Entertaining pedestrians
Contradictory notes
Flat then sharp
Frustrating interpretations
Explorations of id
Undress my conflicts
Of self portrait

(For One Shot Poetry Week 51)


18 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. porridge and bread… flat and sharp… the cello vomits… love how you weave the art and music with real life in your very own original voice… fine word art here henry

  2. "Institutionalized pastelsZapped darkBold strokesChiaroscuro"Love that passasge, though not as much as "cello vomit." I also connect with the passage Randy quotes.

  3. Lot of depth covered in each word..Flow of truth seems inevitable in your verses…'Commotion of selfSkirmishes with doubt'….Nicely put…seems right in place for the theme of thought here! Great one, once again..

  4. Very skillful blend of the elements of art and music along with a bit of psychology. The portrait is exquisite and I so enjoyed how you portrayed it.

  5. Now that's sooo original!! Loved how you have blended the most unusual words/expressions so beautifully into one neat package… And yet, it somehow PERFECTLY describes human nature.. each so unique.. and yet so scattered.. It's simply awesome, Henry! Bravo!!

  6. Amazing how you seem to have been inspired by Mancini's history in choosing elements for the poem. The joy of living is to continuously renew the knowledge that we are the beautiful and horrifying blend of all you outline.

  7. It's a buffet of art in all its forms! the undress of conflicts, frustrating interpretations, being the giver (vomiting cello!) and the receiver of the interpretations on what you had to give (cello still vomiting) I am a constant high and low,to the point where I don't know if I could brave a self portrait. I am a constant commotion of self…that is probably clearly evident in this hodgepodge comment, but so many thoughts have been brought by the piece…To this, I will certainly return to read again, Bravo!

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