There’s an Oak in the woods that tells tales
About cypress, maples, and pines
All the saplings would listen
And pay close attention
About the humans
Their encroachment
Man’s hunger
To kill

15 thoughts on “Encroachment

  1. Yes I think your visual was extremely effective in your construction adding power to the meaning of your words. Well done and thank you so much for writing and linking today. Gay

  2. Our neighbour had a beautiful birch tree felled because she scraped it with her car. There was room for a double-articulated to drive past it – but she hit it!I immediately took a 'deprived' birch sapling from the woods and planted it in a safe place in our front garden. It now stands a proud 20ft. high, and growing. One out – one back.

  3. Man's hunger to kill…anything and everything, but trees seem worse somehow because of what it takes to make them, how much they give, and the fact they can't run away. Thanks for the anti-Lords of Creation message, and nifty work with the form.

  4. As a species it seems we are driven to destruct, and we started with the trees! In my neck of the woods it seems a good 50% of the population is employed by the forestry industry (when they can find the trees!) The other 50% headed out west to help us slay the oil dragon! All for the sake of dollars…there has got to be a better way for us to get on in this world. Power to the poets, this piece speaks volumes!

  5. Man is a hunter. It is in his nature to kill things. He who lives by the sword will die by the sword. Don't worry the trees will survive it is in their nature.

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