Roaring of Truth

Rosie Hardy
Soaring vultures
Circling whispers
Half-dead road kill … stain eastbound lanes … on Highway 6

He cheated on his

With that redheaded

That’s what we heard … no reason to doubt … has to be true

Waves of black bats
Wakes of echoes
Fly in and out … shadowed towers … silvery moon

He tormented her

She attempted to

That’s what we heard … no reason to doubt … has to be true

Razor sharp tongues
Dark clouds of wasps
Wind driven sleet … bloodied whipped welts … tortured torn skin

The husband’s to

So’s that redheaded

That’s what we heard … no reason to doubt … has to be true

Cat o’ nine tails
Whistling wet air
Horrific screams … feed the roar of … Niagara lies

Hey, she made it all

She was crazy with

That’s what we heard … wasn’t our fault … thought it was true

Meandering river
Greenish smooth blue
Glimmering light … frames a body … facedown and gone

That’s what they caused … wasn’t their first … done it before

Bloodied crude nails
Stabbing red flesh
Hanging from wood … up on a hill … truth crucified

They Called Him a fake … they jeered to His face … then asked was He true

The silence of Calvary
The roaring of truth


18 thoughts on “Roaring of Truth

  1. Interseting comment by Mary to follow a great poem. I think of truth more along the lines of post-mod. your poem creates an excellent echo effect that enhances the content.

  2. You got the soul of this photo in your words, and a terrifying one it is–rumor painted with tongues…it kills. Fine writing, my friend, all the way through.

  3. goodness…i'm breathless after this read henry…excellent take on the prompt…i like your poetic creativity…always a joy to read your work

  4. I was curious to see how you would write this as I choose the same picture myself. Whew….that was creepy like i was following the refrain of your words. Lovely haunting story too~Nice to meet you.

  5. Wow!Your poetry is always delicious!This one really reminds me of a play I saw.The only poem I ever read that uses the word "flooz" and makes it work.Beautiful work

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