The Empty Space



A clean spot above our, my, mantle needed painting.  The missing picture frame left a glaring square shouting something was once there.  Soon the entire wall was repainted; especially where the Christmas tree used to rub.  Two other walls were painted; scribbles from kids now in college could still be seen.  Even the front door; especially the front door, needed a fresh coat of light green paint.  Finally the whole room smelled new.  Yet there was still one empty place, but not a drop left for my heart.


28 thoughts on “The Empty Space

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Pain lives left of our colon,
    indestructible, inexorable,
    like a herpes virus; dormant,
    lying in the ganglia, waiting to
    spring full flare back through
    the front door of your mind.

  2. A week-plus has passed since the painting prompt at Magpie Tales, but I just found this wonder written by you via dVerse instead. It is my habit to write my Magpies late in the week…consequently, comments are few and my visits around have also been few. Now, do I have enough organization to add the Pub to my weekly haunts? I am not sure. But I am sure that I loved your Magpie.

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