For fun

I Just Dream

Painting by Eugene Ivanov (Prague)

Sometimes I burn to chance some money gamblin’
Sweat with fever for some ocean travlin’
My heart don’t beat for all this cello handlin’
Sometimes I long for some guitar samplin’

You know what I mean

I just dream a lot
‘Bout those big chip pots
And Angela’s long brown locks
And slow dancing in bar — parkin’ lots
Playin’ guitar ‘till the mornin’ drops
And kissin’ my angel that I miss a whole lot

Kid Denver can win some gamblin’
When seein’ Angela is in the cards
I just dream a lot
I just dream a lot
I just dream

I know I can’t sing, but I just had to do something with this Antoine Dufour funky lick. I couldn’t help myself. It doesn’t need lyrics, especially mine, but this poem just seemed to fit. And to reiterate, I know I can’t sing, but I love having fun with it 🙂

For Open Link Night 5 / dVerse~Poets Pub


49 thoughts on “I Just Dream

  1. ha – looks like we’re having an emerging singer and musician in the pub…smiles
    i think that’s really cool henry….dream on and sing on…smiles

    • nice to see this one again…and i chuckled reading the comments on jello handling…always a pleasure sir to see you in the pub…look forward to it all the more in the coming year….

  2. Hey Henry,

    Your writing is so pleasurable to read – it has ease and i would imagine demonstrates your balance. a def lyrical feel with slick velveteen waxing.


    Im a b i g fan of cubism, Grist particularly, among the chiefs – love the pic u posted

  3. hedgewitch says:

    I liked the voice–and the words as well, though I was hearing jello handling, not cello handling for a sec. ;_) Dreaming is way good, and that picture of the blurred guy–I think I’ve seen him before in a past life, or been him before, or something. Nice three way experience tonight Henry, music art and poetry. Thanks.

  4. Okay, so this made me smile big for a few reasons. One, because you put yourself out there. Two, because I loved it after I had just been told by you that you couldn’t sing. Yes, you can. Three, this was plain fun. Keep it up. I loved it.

  5. tashtoo says:

    Henry! I said it once, I’ll say it again, brother, you rock! For me…We’ve got Sam Roberts meets the Trews and runs away with Stevie Ray into the blue black of a super funky night sky burdened by a neon moon. The energy just vibes from you, the recording was fantastic, and a freakin’ awesome start to my day. Thank you!

  6. I’ll drop a few bucks in your guitar case, Henry. You can too sing. I just heard you! You rock, and like Tash, you gave me a “freakin’ awesome start to my day.” 🙂

  7. Enjoyed the reading your poem then listening to your bluesy riff with the words. I’m joing Kim to listen, listen and listen! *Bartender!!, buying a round for the house*!

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