Poet’s Reach

Note: This is a very poor attempt at a Sestina for dVerse (and late at that).  It has no iambic pentameter, but it does follow the repetition scheme.  I hope you find some pleasure in this feeble arrangement of words.


Within a willow’s weep

Inspires a poet’s soul

Outside a world’s reach

Inside a church’s song

Bridging a desert’s thirst

Attached to children’s’ hearts


Within a willow’s heart

Inspires a poet’s weep

Outside a world’s thirst

Inside a church’s soul

Bridging a desert’s song

Attached to children’s reach


Within a willow’s reach

Inspires a poet’s heart

Outside a world’s song

Inside a church’s weep

Bridging a desert’s soul

Attached to children’s thirst


Within a willow’s thirst

Inspires a poet’s reach

Outside a world’s soul

Inside a church’s heart

Bridging a desert’s weep

Attached to children’s song


Within a willow’s song

Inspires a poet’s thirst

Outside a world’s weep

Inside a church’s reach

Bridging a desert’s heart

Attached to children’s souls


Within a willow’s soul

Inspires a poet’s song

Outside a world’s heart

Inside a church’s thirst

Bridging a desert’s reach

Attached to children’s weep


Within a world’s soul is thirst

Inspires a poet’s heart to reach

Longing for children’s songs that weep


11 thoughts on “Poet’s Reach

  1. I really liked how you rhymed the poem. Clever. The repetition of the first word in each stanza was effective. My first sestina brought out the dark muse in me.

  2. Not easy is it? I don’t think so either. I like the way you chose phrases that made sense as you wove your endwords in and among them to build your poem.

    There are other variations on this and one of them is to write the lines in haiku with the first two haiku establishing the end words.

    I think in the time you had to write this, you did a noble job and met the outlines as set by the form. We will look at this again in a relatively short time so if you want to try other topics to write in between, I would like to see the results. But this was a fine product in the time you had to write it. Well done.

  3. ..your Sestina is a song itself… it’s really interesting to see how you retained each line while the end-words are dancing around.. i don’t it’s a poor attempt co’z it really appeals to me in so many ways… your envoi’s great with the communion of all the six end-words.. mine’s a bit off the rule.. due to carelessness i forgot that the envoi should have all the end-words put together.. hehe.. maybe, i was too carried away to the form since it’s my first encounter to it… and i had really fun doing it though took most of my day and missed b-fast and lunch writing it.. haha… thatnks for your appreciations at my sestina!(:

    Good day!


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