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By T. P. Speer






would they sound like crushed purple grapes

pouring out of a misty bottle into

crystal glasses clinking together before they fall

to tiled floors,

shattering into hundreds of shards

slicing Bruce Wayne’s bare left foot, who, by the way, looks a lot

like Batman in the eyes and the way he walks

with that quick confident step that echoes, “I am bad,” with

each strut down a long rich mahogany hallway I hear

has Van Gogh paintings never seen by anyone else in this century?


Or would bluebirds singing



simply sound like a


singing the wrong songs like Madonna’s Hard Candy album?


I mean fake as


on a strawberry.


Or could


actually sound like


in a bluebird kind of way?

Because we know bluebirds could

NEVER, seriously never, really be a


I mean sounding like a redbird

would be as close

as a


could ever get to a

redbird’s nest.



Some of my best friends are

bluebirds.  But

I don’t understand why they want to sound like


Bluebirds have their own

cool little sound; simple and clean.

Granted not as sophisticated as the


but then, who is.

Why not just sing your own color?


Have you ever heard a


try to sing like a


It’d be like a southern preacher quoting Poe.


Do you really think Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same?

By Howard Hodgkin


33 thoughts on “Redbirds

  1. “Saith the Raven, Nevah, nevah EVAH Mowah!”
    Hey, I like this blog you put together here.

    Did Robin help? Or Bluebird, or Redbird? (Yes, I suppose they did help–grin!)

  2. hedgewitch says:

    I love this one Henry. Completely delightful if you don’t mind a silly word, and also has things to say that need said. This may be my favorite so far from you. The image of Bruce Wayne walking down his hall of Van Goghs will stay with me, wondering about the nature of his Batman alchemy.

  3. enjoyed this henry…and agree…everyone should sing in their own color and tune…no need to imitate and be sth. you’re not really….clever write my friend

  4. The Madonna Hard Candy ouch indeed…made me so smile, Henry! By god, man! You’ve gone and done it again…I love this modern and engaging word toss as we trip thru pop culture and thought. Poetry love to you, sir…big time! 🙂

  5. Ha ha ha! “It’d be like a southern preacher quoting Poe.” I am married to a youth minister, and we’re in the South. I could quote you Poe all day long. 😛

    I think this is your answer: “Or could bluebirds actually sound like redbirds in a bluebird kind of way?” But I loved all the other possibilities you came up with … especially the part about Batman’s walk giving him away in the way he takes his steps like a bad boy.

    And with a resounding YES I will say that Bruce and Batman can most definitely reside within the same body and the same soul. Aren’t we all a little bit of both?

  6. This is my favorite of yours too, It had me smiling from start to finish – I laughed out loud at the crushed grapes bit (at myself really as I spent my youth trying to do that to no avail). This poem has a wonderful tune, a spring in its step and it’s left me with a spring in mine. Thank you.

  7. Yes, sing your own color…yet i do like the idea of singing a bottle of wine into existence! Cheers. And, perhaps Bruce wouldn’t have ‘that quick confident step that echoes, “I am bad,” ‘ after stepping on the glass shard.
    Your red and blue birds also bring to mind, just a little, the red and blue states and the divisiveness of US politics now – but just a little.
    What a fun one, thanks.

  8. That is just so refreshing, and ‘I’m thinking out loud, stay with me and you’ll see what I mean” attitude that I like. Enjoyed all that bluebird, redbird imagery.

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