Echo Mirror


Pardon quickly love
Eyes cascading cool
Garden’s chill lie barren
Skies play songs stained blue

Love quickly pardon
Cool cascading eyes
Barren lies chill gardens
Blue stained songs play skies


23 thoughts on “Echo Mirror

  1. hedgewitch says:

    I love both the meticulous way this poem auto-reverses itself and gains not loses by it, and the addressing of your subject by name–we seldom do that anymore in poetry and it adds a dimension to your poem of the personal and real. Enjoyed it much, Henry.

  2. Henry! Bravo! I know I’m getting to be completely redundant on my praise, but you do have such a way with your words, no matter the form. You always give so much while making it seem effortless (and I know all too well its not!) Happy OpenLinkNight

  3. Food for thought, Henry. How does the meaning change when words are reversed as in a mirror?
    Other languages might express the same words in a similar order to what you have done. Makes me think there are all kinds of translations, including interpretations that really don’t depend upon the words. Nice work.

  4. btw thanks so much for your comment about my post this week. It means a lot to me because I know that you write lyrics and /or have a music background? I am getting ready to post another that I wrote along the same lines and would love to hear what you think if you have a moment. thanks again, Henry 🙂

  5. @C Rose – not palindromic as that is exactly the reverse, down to the letters. Palindromic poetry is extremely difficult.

    Like this Henry, interesting challenge. I think by using punctuation cleverly, the differences in meaning when reversing the syntax would be made sharper/clearer.

    Cool stuff

    • Thanks, Luke. I had punctuation in the version I had up yesterday. But I changed it from the girl’s name I had in the poem to love and didn’t put the commas back. I think I like it better with the girl’s name. I appreciate the comment and support.

      And I really didn’t know what form it was when I wrote it. I just noticed how a lil change here and there could make one line read back to front and got lucky with a few more lines. I do not think I could do it on purpose:)

      Oh yea, I do like the Adele song. Her voice is hot. Props to her and buy her stuff! 🙂

  6. This amazed me…… What form is this? Your own? Entirely awesome……. I spent a moment thinking about how difficult that must be, to find words that can be reversed and make perfect sense both ways…… This is just absolutely charming!

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