The Pleonasms

Joshua Mann

Her name, Estival,

a risible way,

each sound a paean;

woodnotes ,

encouraging micawbers.



the anti-pule.


His name, Fug,

a catchpenny way,

each sound Aeolian,


brickbatish tongue.



the picture of pule.


Estival and Fug,

an anfractuous duo,

duets of fantod,


laconic knives.


Estival and Fug,

their jeremiad rants put pule to shame.


Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Pleonasm




It’s been two days in a row without a straightjacket.

For dVerse http://dversepoets.com/2011/09/24/poetics-say-it-again-sam/


13 thoughts on “The Pleonasms

  1. hedgewitch says:

    I actually laughed out loud at the last line. The word use here is most original and entertaining (and also of course, risible,) the repetition light-handed and completely innocuous in its supporting role, yet quite effective nonetheless, and the entire poem a joy to read with its tongue-twisting, mind-twitting vocabulary. Fine satiric jewel of a piece, Henry.

  2. Yikes, so many biting words, thanks for the education, you managed to make a couple of points I took many more words to make, how pleonastic of me :), though I was satirizing my use of notes, logolepsy, and sesquipedalianism among other themes in that poem. It’s late and I’ve just realized you probably have no idea what I’m talking about so here is the link if you’re interested (and have an extra 12.5 minutes – which is how long it took me to read on the recording) http://chromapoesy.com/2011/08/23/sesquipedalianism-and-logophilia-engage-in-logomachy-2/. Great work.

  3. Henriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Your are crazeeey
    But I like yuuuuu
    And how you say
    Your cuckooooo
    And also
    Monsieur Macaronicooooo

    I always thought you looked great in a straightjacket. Loved your quirky mad poem!

  4. haha – so good henry.. almost fell from my chair when reading the last line…love your crazy writing here…so good – and also love your new blog layout..stirs a longing for the sea….ahhhhh

  5. Your page was still open on my screen last night when I went to bed, imagine my refreshment this morning, when I refreshed your page and found this!! Cool.

    If Mr. and Mrs. Pleonasm’s duets of fantod, and internecine resulted in you, amazingly spectacular, creative Henry… then it was all worth it.

  6. Hilarious – learned a new word “fantod” – you don’t hear that growing up in Texas or in Texas high schools. We just hear jittery, nervous, excitable, and crazykid. Thought I’d quote Micawber back to you hear as it seems to fit (thought it fit as a name for Keith Richard’s guitar – ha)

    I trust that the labour and hazard of an investigation -of which the smallest results have been slowly pieced together, in the pressure of arduous avocations, under grinding penurious apprehensions, at rise of morn, at dewy eve, in the shadows of night, under the watchful eye of one whom it were superfluous to call Demon, combined with the struggle of parental Poverty to turn it, when completed, to the right account, may be as the sprinkling of a few drops of sweet water on my funeral pyre. I ask no more.

    Good work!

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