In Copenhagen
on a frosty snow flurried day,
your brown eyes stole my hat away.
I was lost in your eyes
didn’t realize,
I left my heart inside.

Angel’s don’t steal a man’s hat,
especially with his heart
and blind,
when he didn’t realize,
while lost in dark brown eyes,
the hat had a heart
deep inside.

Angel, I want my love back,
from my heart in the hat
you stole
with your fine brown eyes
on that snowy day
when you had your way
in Copenhagen,
and I forgot
I left my heart

I forgot I left my heart inside.


12 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. the word bar says:

    And just like that we re lost to the magic of love..
    very lovely poem and I loved the repetition of some lines.. I can hear you saying this out-loud, to the sky..

    well done

  2. really nice piece henry…i dont know that you are going to get it back…nor the hat …it looks good on her…perhaps she will trade you her heart if you are lucky

  3. I’m always a sucker for brown eyes too. I wrote a novel about losing a life to a man’s amazing brown eyes. Loved the way you crafted this piece. Each element so whimsically personified! Well done. G.

  4. hedgewitch says:

    Yeah, you gotta speak up for your heart or people will steal it and everything else you’ve got. Eyes are the windows of the soul, except when they’re broken.

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