Time to Fly?

Little yellow pet birds;

do they dream flight,
sing soaring songs?

Never feeling sky’s rush,
oak’s strength,
vibrating power lines,
hawk’s shadow,
tastes of blue,
crap on car windows,
catching early worms,
showering in rain,
tasting dawn,
flying in red skies just before night?

If freedom came suddenly
and wings worked air
never landing,
never stopping,
no plan or destination,
never knowing what they were doing,
experiencing undefined fear and exhilaration simultaneously;
flying, flying, flying until they died of exhaustion;

would death framed in that scene,
be crueler than death trapped in an ignored cage of empty seed shells and bird shit?

My canary conundrum.




This is for dVerse http://dversepoets.com/

Emmet Wheatfall wrote an inspiring article challenging us to write about the craft poetic expression.  Above is my feeble attempt.  Please check the site out.  There are some very outstanding poets!


20 thoughts on “Time to Fly?

  1. ..flying, flying, flying until they died of exhaustion…love this henry…we often choose security because we’re afraid to fly…to crash…food for thought in this…and it reads like a flight itself with all its up and downs…guess it’s worth taking the risk..there’s death involved in both options..

  2. Yes both options! They have very short disappointing lifespans as far as pets go. Yellow canaries are very sensitive to stress and singing
    makes them impossible to ignore. Children loved them.
    They come in a real pretty blue and green too! Flying around the house some they were fine, never let them outside though. Beautiful write and brought back some old memories here.

  3. Henry…as always, you speak so plainly to us, with your poetic weaving we can easily wrap our selves up in. There is no pretension, rather, in a voice that is so unique, you welcome us into your world. Like a bird with a broken wing, we settle on our perches, ready to soak up your process. The addition of the video was awesome, and lent an entirely different spin to your tale. Well done, Poet…as always!

  4. def opting for the death by flying than living in the cage…it would be far too constraining for me…and iama sucker for risk as well…nice bit of conundrum henry..

  5. Enjoyed this… I’d much rather opt for flying than living caged! Yes, full of fears and risky, but preferable. 🙂 Also, your words create an interesting shape, kind of resembles a bird or plane, not sure if that is intentional, but cool how it turned out.

  6. thank you for the comments. let me ask for who ever remains if you listen to the song and look at the picture, does another theme give rise to thought? if so, how does it fit in w/ writer craft? just a thought for discussion with anybody left.

  7. I love this, Henry. It is indeed a conundrum. It’s the old question about the tree falling in the forest. For those of us for whom the Internet is our stage, there is always the question of whether there is anyone in the audience, and a second question. Does it really matter?

  8. time for me to fly… well, in the picture – is he falling out of control or is he just gaining it? I like the ambiguity in the picture, and yes – there is a variation on the writing theme.
    if one takes flight, is there still a home or is it goodbye for good? does ultimate freedom lead us to death or does it mean, we are free to roam and to land where we please? we can write and not be afraid?
    I like you poem very much, love the second stanza – tasting blue and showering in rain.
    thank you also for your feedback on my write.

    • Exactly, not suicide in the general sense, but dying to self, to be willing to bleed truth, expose parts of ourselves; write and not be afraid, express without fear. And in that pisture it almost gives the impression of falling up to the sky, a greater perspective that only freedom of flight can bring. In a way sort of ish 🙂
      Anyway I just thought there was more than one way to look at this piece. Thanks for your input. As far as visiting ur page, a pleasure for me; great writing with alot of the freedom I was referring to. You seem strong, or discovering strength as you write, and that feeling I know. Have a good week.

  9. Hey, Henry. Enjoyed the readream . . . especially “tastes of blue” and “wings worked air.” So how about changing the “tasting” in “tasting dawn” to something such as “awakening dawn” or “dressing dawn”? As for your REO-related question, too many of us artists allow others to un-creatively cage us in; so it’s time to break free from old or new toxic “friends” and forms — eh? Ya need to fly away from anyone or anything?

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