Pop Art

Pop Art from Henry Clemmons on Vimeo.

Pop Art
Images of mass media
Parallels between art and life
This is tomorrow looked at the day before yesterday
Expressive feeling
Tributes created way too soon
In some cases
Way too soon

James too cool Dean
Jim the door Morrison
Jimmy haze Hendrix
Biggie Smalls
River Phoenix
Bruce Lee
Marilyn hot Monroe
Elvis hips Pressley
Liz Taylor
Jackie the queen Kennedy
Duke my main man John Wayne

And the electric chair
The darkest of all art
Not my favorite fair

Thank you Andy and Mel for your eyes


For dVerse on Pop Art Prompt
Artwork by Mel Marcelo and Andy Warhol
Video produced by Henry Clemmons


27 thoughts on “Pop Art

  1. hedgewitch says:

    Way WAY too soon, indeed. Enjoyed the multimedia presentation, Henry. Celebrity pimping never goes out of style, (or rehab, either. )The electric chair is now a gurney, and frankly, that scares me worse.

  2. nice list…a couple really cool lines that sum it up…

    This is tomorrow looked at the day before yesterday

    Tributes done way too soon…

    true that man…nice capture…

  3. I almost picked James Dean as my subject because when I first learned about him as a teenager, he just stuck with me. I hate to think about how much more life these all had to live. So sad when having everything isn’t quite enough. Nice presentation and reading/singing 🙂

  4. Loved this coupled with the video Henry, wonderfully orchestrated the icons into an absence of time melding all of them into the culture that defines itself onto them. Always enjoy your words, thank you for all your kind words and support, I appreciate you ~ Rose

  5. Love how you presented this, Henry…and glad you brought up Warhol’s Electric Chairs series. It was so bizarre to see them rendered in lovely pastel tones. Nice “litany” of pop culture icons, too. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Very nice. I agree with the way, way too soon thing, too. But not for those on your list, which was a very good list, indeed. The only name that seemed missing from the list, at least for me, is Johnny “the Man in Black” Cash. But that could be because I’m a huge Cash fan. 😉 Peace, Linda

  7. yep – thanks for their eyes…thanks for the eye of every artist as they make us see what we would overlook otherwise…cool poem henry…James too cool Dean…think he was too senstitive in a way.. inspired by one of the poems i read his bio yesterday…sad story… loved your poem henry

    • Good point, I believe their was a huge chasm between the public image and the real person. Mr. Dean was sensitive, but yet,way cool in apprearance and presentation. The electric chair presented presented in soft light and color; definately not a true representation of its presence, from either side of those debating the issue. I think both of these artists tried to capture true elements in the person’s lives. But Pop Art was as much celebrity as its subjects. Not a big fan of it, but I appreciate its place in history. It was like it was almost an expresion of form over a form of expression in some cases.
      Thanks for the input, I love feedback and discussion.

  8. kaykuala says:

    Brilliant presentation Henry! You went through the whole gamut of favs and big names. The Warhol’s chair is an anti climax. He may have wanted it so may be!Thanks for the memory


  9. And each icon is fixed it its (his/her) appointed time, and fixd in our imaginations. Your poem (and video) captures this fixing. Excellent, Henry.

  10. Dude! your multimedia pres. here was the ultimate in KOOOL! You managed some kind of cross between Dylan and Lou Reed here in your read. I like the minimal referencing of the pop icons! Well done. G.

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