Hooded white

Knots twice tight

Burns Christ’s


Blackest night


Dead man swings

Death sting sings

Dark strings


Blood red ink


Hooded hate

Knotted hate

Burning hate

Blackest hate

Deadest hate

Darkest hate

Blood red hate







Still today


Hooded white

Knots twice tight

Blackest nights




 A five year old poet son

Still prays for light

In Hebrew

By himself

Shakes his fist

Free from fright


I think that’s alright


18 thoughts on “Hate

  1. Wow! moving. so much Hate.
    I hate hate. there, now hate’s brought out hate in me.
    good poem…make’s you think…make’s you queasy…run away. why can’t we all get along? as the old song goes.
    How true, this poem; and even today…in America…the Congress and this Tea Party movement…and so much hatred for our President…simply because he happens to ‘look different.’
    Sometimes this country scares me.
    Your poem has ‘moved’ me & that’s exactly what a poem’s to do.
    good job.

  2. the word bar says:

    For the life of me I will never understand racism…ever.. it is a taught behavior and it’s barbaric to think people (parents) still teach these thoughts..

    I’ll rein in my rant this morning…thank you for recognizing….

  3. Thanks for bringing it into the open, Henry! Bigotry seemed almost gone but not quite. It is a pity! Your verse hits it right there , the repetitions were perfect! Great!


  4. hedgewitch says:

    I guess Hate is all some have to build a pitiful shrunken pseudo-identity on–that and the bloodlust not even an animal would exhibit. I like the affirmative ending, Henry.

  5. Yes, the ending was a ray of hope in the still dark ages. Have you ever read Joseph L. Graves? He’s a biologist but has written a couple excellent books on racism. It was hard to read down all those lines of hate, to each one I wanted to whisper love. So much violence is predicated through the projection of self-hatred onto another and the indoctrination into prejudice. Great work here.

    • Why We Pretend Race Exists? Or something like that I read once for some background on a POV, or school. Interesting concepts. Self hatred hits the nail on the head. Thank you for ur comment.

  6. Tension here in a five year old shaking a fist … a little troubling. I wonder if you meant to imply a small measure of hat in that as well…
    Super abundant hatred in the world for sure.

    • I saw the image more of a youth demanding justice; a five year old jewish version of the poet innocently/boldly demanding justice from his father, completely identifying with the hatred of prejudice. I feel an older POV would have been more rationalized and subdued. My thoughts anyway; free:)

  7. Actions of a recessive gene pool. Understanding is lacking, insecurity is rife. Hatred stems from fear of the unknown and the dark is perpetrated on successive generations.

    Power in words – I’d rather drop the hate word and build a new world with the “love” word. It’s a new day, a new order, a new time. Peace and love are not out of date.

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