The Man I Am

Montana was never on my list of places to visit,

Colorado and Florida were about as American as I traveled,

excluding business tours,

a few old-world haunts on the eastern seaboard,

adjoining flights in Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, New York,

and letting Kid Denver breathe in Vegas.


Montana was nothing but a place I thought dental floss technicians were trained,

If you believed what Frank Zappa said,

I mean, I did meet Billy the Mountain once,

But that was before rehab,

So I’m not sure it counts.



Not until the long cool woman with the long barrels.

She could ride a horse up the side of a mountain,

but wouldn’t fly in a plane.

She could sing like Carrie Underwood,

but just wanted to be a range-girl in Montana,

wear jeans because they felt good,

love the smell of gunpowder,

and not care much about city boys.


I wrote her a song once.

She liked it and wrote me a poem,

at least I thought it poetic:


A man can’t be two men

Or even three

He needs to be himself

I’ve heard the heart of a man

In a song he wrote for me

He would have swept me off my feet

But he wasn’t here

He had to be there

That place that ain’t here

That place were the other man of the man had to be

Doing the thing that doesn’t sound like the man I heard sing to me

He can come back

The man with the soul

But he better remember I don’t miss when I get pissed

Now make a song out of this and I’ll sing it however you want

I’m just a woman, I am, Just a woman needing one man


I want to go back to Montana

Not just for the range-girl,

but to be one man,

not just a man,

but the one man

I am.



17 thoughts on “The Man I Am

  1. whew..she sounds like a most interesting woman..would like to meet her..and wisdom in the words as well..think many men lost themselves in what they’re expected to be nowadays…think it was def. easier about 60 years ago…and we women are facing the same challenges..good write…much enjoyed henry

  2. 1emeraldcity says:

    Hey, got a guitar? This is a song, fella! And a mighty good one…you a closet country singer? Good stuff here…Write on!

  3. Montana is more beautiful than anywhere else except British Columbia – and more remote. If it’s desert island time for you, I can’t think of anything better – might as well hide a spell in Kalispell.

  4. Great lessons to be learned in Montana, Henry. A beautiful state, in my experience. I could hear this sort of spoken in a country western music sort of way and voila, there at the end you have country music. I think you should try to market it to them. I liked the voice you ucreated a lot.

  5. You paint a strong image of this woman and a strong woman like that would inspire the man in the man. Heck, now you got me talkin’ like a country song! Your poems – their voice, their form – never remind me of anyone but you.

  6. Enjoyed the whole experience here today Henry.. great combos.. I usually cringe at country music …. but you got me in the mood..

    Your writing really kicks off the page here.. thanks for the invite.. 🙂

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