Samurai Daughter

Virgin silk sulks red

Bleeding branches weep petals

Season’s sword slice swift

Brisk sharp breeze severs blossoms

Daughter mourns white’s death silence


Life and death waltz twined

Nature’s symphonic strings sing

Grief sits tree’s canvas

At beauty’s apogee strength dies

Slain Samurai rains farewell


20 thoughts on “Samurai Daughter

  1. great allits here henry..Virgin silk sulks red, Season’s sword slice swift..enjoyable read..the mourning for her father, the brave samurai…love that you’re staying a bit in the japanese corner…

  2. hedgewitch says:

    The repetition of noun and verb, the fantastic and adroit alliteration, and the elegant spare language here give a tremendous sense of the personality of a cultture and a color, and the last line couldn’t be more perfect.

  3. “Bleeding branches weep petals” … but my favorite is

    “Life and death waltz twined
    Nature’s symphonic strings sing”

    The image is quite stunning. Nice write.

  4. Henry, what elegant tankas you’ve composed to take on the maple red autumn here in your Japanese garden, the blood of Samurai, of passion, of the penultimate season, where life dances with death. Beautiful.

  5. Skillful use of both alliteration and color to create a mood that is sad and distinctly Asian, Henry. Your background photo fascinates me. I feel like it’s some extravaganza I’ve seen before, perhaps at Christmas.

    • I’ve been changing backgrounds frequently. If you are refering to the orchestra it is the Montreal Symphony Orchestra saluting the audience after performing during the inauguration of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra’s new concert hall in Place des Arts in downtown Montreal on Wednesday, September 7, 2011.
      And thank you for the comment. I did have a real pretty Japanese garden as my background when this was first posted.
      Actually this background is for a new poem I posted that I hhaven’t linked to any pages yet.

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