We bandaged your wounds

gave you water

held your hand

in your land

your people killing your people


We tried to understand

be a voice for your blood

your loss

your graves


We cried with you

just wouldn’t fight

not our cause

who rules who


Just wanted you to know we care

support freedom

children living to be old

having children

who have more children

who all grow old in peace


So why did you shoot me?

Leave me bleeding on your street?

Kick me?

Steal my shoes?

That was effed up


Angela saved my ass again

she dragged me

nursed me

stole a jeep and drove me

back to my senses


We’re barefoot today in your honor

in fact we are sending you hundreds of shoes

we have sponsors giving us shoes

just for you

if that what it takes


Who knew all the killing was about shoes

I hope whoever is wearing my shoes lives a long life

I want to know they count for something


I am just confused if I should pray for peace

or shoes

Angela pinched me for that line

But I had to say it

I’ll apologize later

I’m sure


In the meantime

God bless

We’re on a break

I wonder if I can get my day job back

Wonder if I can wear a tux again

but that’s another story

we’re out

see you in the news

and hope I get to see my shoes


13 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. A hard-hitting look at something I’ll never understand. In college I sat on the jury of a first degree murder trial. The woman was killed for the night deposit (about $900) that the perpetrator couldn’t open and so threw in the trash. It takes so much more effort to create than destroy. It’s like the pain takes on a life of its own and spreads like wildfire. I think praying is always a good idea, great write!

  2. Shawna says:

    Love this line especially, Henry: “be a voice for your blood”

    Great message. I remember the no-shoes movement from last year. I forget exactly what it’s called.

    • You mean there was already a no shoes movement … dang (being polite). Thought I was being original, but this is a shoes movement. Maybe if people already had sketchers you were trying to help, they wouldn’t shoot at you and they could concentrate better at the people shooting at them. Just a thought. Thanks for visit. You think sketchers will pay me for this? 🙂

  3. awesome henry…just love it…esp. that part…

    she dragged me

    nursed me

    stole a jeep and drove me

    back to my senses

    We’re barefoot today in your honor… speaks volumes…great write..no matter if taken literally or as a metaphor…

  4. hedgewitch says:

    Good to read you again, henry–you always make my brain engage and work a little overtime–the speaker is cloudy for me here–the bleeding heart lib? the true believer? Gandhi? the child inside us that sees more clearly? or just the inner striving to stay real, stay human in a world that penalizes humanity and rewards inhumanity and artificiality? Regardless, I enjoyed this greatly.

    • taking my shoes was an after thought. Long story. Shook my faith in humanity a little. We are still going try to help children caught up in these countires in turmoil, we are just going to do it differently. We just always felt we needed to put feet to our beliefs. But like you said what the world has come to is a crazy place. It is just hard getting relief to people who need to it in the heat of battle. It’s one thing to write a check, but does it every get there, and if it does, when? Anyway, doing some reevaluating.

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