Scarlet Stained White Silk Scarves





white silk


slice below azure waves

tied to rusty anchors

cut loose from cob webbed bobbing cruise ships

littered with sun bleached bones

on reclined plastic chairs

and in drained chlorine scented pool shells

adrift in pale pall draped seas

atop dreams drained of blue skies blood



your face

jeweled with emerald eyes

bronzed skin

and ivory teeth

fade inside streaks of tiring sunbeams

trying to reach depths they will never see

before dissolving in black lochs of absent light

and scattered cemeteries of



white silk



18 thoughts on “Scarlet Stained White Silk Scarves

  1. So awesome to know your back! 🙂 My apologies for the delay in getting by to visit! I loved this…as you no doubt expected 😉 …jeweled with emerald eyes…beautiful penning!!!

  2. wow…really great progression from the scarves to the scarves again…there was once that sunning about may have been the thing, and plastic but it does not last and we all face that dark depths of black at some point…

  3. Oh my goodness, this nearly took my breath away.
    I don’t always have time to comment – often I can only just read –
    but I had to tell you, this is so beautiful: deceptively simple, lyrical,
    poignant, and I love the creative form. I think I’m hooked! I’ll be back.


  4. Shawna says:

    Love the alliteration and framing in the first five and final five. This is my favorite line: “littered with sun bleached bones”

    What a beautiful comparison of death by drowning (as in the Titanic) and death by drowning in emptiness/sin/addiction perhaps. I also see the possibility that the first stanza is about mass death while the second takes a personal look regarding one person.

  5. hedgewitch says:

    Excellent, broody mood piece, full of light and shadow–had me thinking of all the drowned beneath the sea, the folly of man, and finally, the persistence of beauty we can’t really eradicate, whatever form it may morph to. Beautiful language in this as well.

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