Worldly Eyes



I need to see



I can’t




Am I an I,

if I

can’t see



galaxies of black stars reflect


of myself

to see

of me


gardens of faceless manikins

swallow shallow shades

of invisible orchids

crying opaque tears


empty clear glass coffee cups


splinter across

cold bare bathroom tiles


fog layered granite rows

reflect the nothingness

of what is left

to be seen


Am I an I

if I can’t see



I need to see



You asked.





10 thoughts on “Worldly Eyes

  1. “Am I ..an I” and one is always asked. Even with age, how to answer, what facet does one turn to, what reflection should one seek. Interesting exploration

  2. Important questions said so effectively and poetically. The ending is real monkey wrench, since it introduces the you into the pursuit of the I. By some accounts, there is no I without you, and I think the poem brings this out marvelously. Quite profound.

  3. whew…very nice….tight gritty visuals the shattering glass both audible and visual…the faceless manikins…the fog…all nice elements but it is the questions that def still ring in my head…

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