(From the Streets Where I Live) Nightmare



The Kingdom of Ostrich

trains strange birds that cannot fly,

but only hide

their ugly little heads in the sand

and cry so not to be heard

by other birds asking why

the Kingdom of Ostrich does not try,

but only sigh,

in a neutral kind of way,

counting on their fingers and toes,

ways not to die,

or pry,

and just eat pie,

and continue to lie,

to their heart,

screaming, between skipped beats,

(dans les rues ou je vis),

“What in the hell are you doing over there?”


8 thoughts on “(From the Streets Where I Live) Nightmare

  1. leahJlynn says:

    Deep, to bury ones head in the sand, to hide from the pain and the world is the worst thing to do. go write.

    • Just for any clarification, I was not refering to the United States. I live in a diffferent country. And the photo of a middle eastern nuclear power facility was just symbolic of fears countries and people should not ignore.

  2. The kingdom of Ostrich- a place I know all too well. These small towns, industrial towns that we are born into- and like the ostrich – we are unable to fly out of them. Really interesting take on the prompt- one I very much enjoyed and relate too. Really liked the lat tumbling section of this piece

  3. Oh, they are homely birds…that alone was enough to lend me a rough nights sleep…wonderful play with the prompt…in a nightmarish kind of way! 😉

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