An Opinion


Her pine box sits on the left side of the cobwebbed

shadowed mansion’s white sheet furniture covered dining room

in the middle of Urbania,

high on a hill overlooking poor, non-working, yet capable, “victims”

with canisters of food stamps and $300 cell phones.


She sucks their blood dry and keeps them all high by blaming the rich


 manufacturing cell phones and making old folks cry with tales of


Aunt Care and Uncle Caid, and reading poor orphans fables from,

Marx’s Concept of Man.


“Vote for me,” she howls at the crescent shaped pot-faced moon,

“and you won’t have to work again

because we are going to steal all the money we can

from Mr. and Mrs. Pharmaceutical that keeps you all alive,

and then spread their wealth among us.”


“But let’s keep the Iranians uranium rich,”

she whispers with blood trickling from the left side of her

bluish lips and stained fangs,

“and pretend we don’t see the dragon and tiger playing war games


as they count billions of debt 

and smoke opium from fields watered in western blood.”


She licks her lips, living in Urbania, high on a hill, overlooking her

blood drained slaves.


21 thoughts on “An Opinion

  1. dude…very nice…loving the political nature of your vampire poem…the dragon and the tiger playing…nice symbolism there and true as well…though i do think we are way out of balance in our country and that will be as much our downfall as anything…

  2. Henry – I think your poem is well done on the poetry front, but I am afraid I really disagree with you on the political front. Hard for me to feel protective of pharmaceuticals, or down on food stamps either. Just can’t do it. I also think Aunt Care and Uncle Caid are pretty good guys. Or maybe I’ve misunderstood you– Of course, it’s a good poem. K.

  3. teeth alone, are harmless. But used as weapons, or symbols of intimadation, or misused as tools to suck blood, enslave life, capture loyalty changes their created use. Teeth chew food, weed out bones, are wisdom, must be taken care of, used correctly, help present healthy appearances, help maintain health. Teeth are good things, as created, but in the mouth of mythful vampires who use them for manipulation, slavery and lust, become more than they were created to be.

  4. Wow, this is brilliant, I especially enjoyed the reading orphans fables, and the way you twisted and turned meaning, who’s culpable, and the ethical application of power. Manipulation as a deadly force in society. I enjoyed your comment about teeth, it was illuminating. I’m sorry I’m so late to return your visit, I’m ill.

    • Well, I hope you get un ill quickly. Thank you for ur kind comment. I just threw the teeth thing in there, I felt some may be taking my post places that was not intended, but we have no control over that, do we. I enjoyed your post this week. I also loved ur response to my comment. Thanks again.

  5. These are the ‘vampires’ of powers that be, of big corporations. Forever sucking away the goodness of ordinary folks in pursuing their profit motives. Clever twist to the prompt, Henry]


  6. hedgewitch says:

    My initial reaction was the same as Manicddaily–I don’t see how you can interpret those particular lines any other way, and Mr & Mrs Pharmaceutical are as big a pair of vampires as anyone(maybe you intended that)—but I do like the poem and that you turned the vampire into a very real thing–we’re surrounded by political lies, bloodsucking corruption and manipulation–I do think you’ve made your indictment a bit one-sided though. But then, it’s your poem. ;_)

  7. Like how you apply the vampire idea to the opposite side of political spectrum that it’s usually applied to, though I’m not much into political poems myself, they are useful and I wish there were more balance. Karl Marx probably started the cliche of capitalist vampires with his quote from Das Kapital, “Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.” Rolling Stone’s Taibbi continues in this line with Goldman Sachs as the vampire squid.

  8. I believe a moderate/centrist living in Canada wrote a poem called, “An Opinion.” I am rather dissappointed. And here I thought dVerse was about craft. I thought this was an open forum. I didn’t know a poet’s expressions had to be balanced. I’ve never expressed a balanced poetic opinion on death before and heard about it? I guess I may need to keep that in mind for my next fishing poem, unless some topics are censored; I may be biased about spinner baits. 🙂 Peace.

  9. I am returning your first visit to my blog (thank you) with my first visit to your blog. Heady stuff, both your poem and the comments. Am thinking I’ll just stay at this altitude and breathe the rarefied air of poetry like a snow leopard should (my political nature tugs at me to do otherwise so I’ll use this as a form of meditation!).

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