Again (For Olive Garden)


Your walls are tall,

too tall to fall,



My bones bray bruised,

too bruised to loose,



Our sun sets lone,

too lone to groan,



Again, is my new friend;

wise, concerning walls too tall,

bruised bones,

and suns setting lone.


Your walls are tall,

too tall to fall —

the end,



4 thoughts on “Again (For Olive Garden)

  1. again is rather ominous as opposed to a friend sometimes, esp in those things that i def dont want to live again…arriving maybe to find the walls too tall for me to climb…again…

    • Thank you. This isn’t my dVerse poem, but I appreciate your comment. I agree, we do not always pick the best advisors/friends when it comes to love or other passions. But without, again, somethings would never happen. A fine line between stubborness and determination. Thanks again.

  2. I thought this was great, love how it’s written …and to me it says regardless we sometimes make the same mistakes …thanks for sharing x

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