You you you, say say, you say,

love love, may may, love may, may love

true true true, nay nay, true nay,



Half dead fly streams live from web

a craft of net from spider cast

a coat of silk does spin its death

today, today, caught live, today


Do do, you you, do you, you do

eat rice, fresh fish, with sticks, red lips

spit spit, chew chew, spit chew, spew spit

Popped zit, half wit, you you, you do


love love, may may, love may, may love



8 thoughts on “BS

  1. hobgoblin2011 says:

    awesome flow here. As you’re reading, at least for me, I caught myself singling along. Nicely penned. Thanks

  2. Shawna says:

    Oh man, this is all the poetry I need right here: “eat rice, fresh fish, with sticks, red lips”

    Yes, yes I do eat sushi with red lips. And now you’ve got me craving it.

    In this piece, I get the idea that the woman you love is the spider and you are caught in her web. But you are still trying to get away, and you may have a tiny chance because you’re not completely bound up in the web. But then there at the end, I think you are her sushi and her fly and her lunch. And maybe you feel as dead and helpless and pustulating as a popped zit, only half-witted in this relationship. She is spouting BS, nothing you can believe in or count on. But you’re still trapped by her.

    • Or very drunk at a sushi bar with a pen and a napkin and dare I wouldn’t post it. But some of your analysis isn’t far off. But trust me, it made more sense when I sang it listening to some Isan playing as background music.

      • Shawna says:

        It always makes more sense inside the head than on the page. And it’s nice if someone can sort out some meaning from the words. 😉 Glad you took the dare. Sounds like a fun night. I had sushi for dinner … and frozen yogurt.

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