Dream Gold

Mining for pay streak
big poke full of color
flour gold float
my sluice box dreams

Troy ounces to the twelfth
Workin’ some bedrock
‘bove birthing veins of rich
staking my claim

in the black sands
in the BADlands

Belly to the gravel bar
drink big poke full color
in my sluice box dreams


For dverse with a raspy gulf coast cold and a cheap Logitech mic and too much echooooooo on my ancient but faithful travel one ton laptop; can survive any trip. Yes, any excuse for lack of talent.


15 thoughts on “Dream Gold

  1. this ihas a nice lyrical undertone…esp the lines about the sluice box…and belly up tot he gravel bar is really cool too…how hard a life this woul dbe you know…unless you struck gold..

  2. Yay! Encore! Bravo! Henry…so awesome! The image combined with the music has me envisioning those old movie real films they used to make us watch in history class…and quite fitting as well, as my household seems obsessed with these gold shows…the fever has hit and they’ve no where to dig! lol Actually, we are surrounded by ancient and decrepit mines and pits…I had SO much fun with this…and I’m playing it for my gold-fever afflicted house hold right now!

  3. Semaphore / Samuel Peralta says:

    This one has the a slight rhythmic undercurrent that reminds me vaguely of Vachel Lindsay at his prime.

  4. I had a friend who used to go out panning for gold every now and then. He was homeless and usd to look for those tapped out veins that might still offer up a glittering speck or two so he could go get a drink. Nice poem!

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