So many shades of blue that breathe between swift sky and sea;

between her eyes and me.


Too many shards of glass whose scream reflect split life and dream;

reflect my lie and she.


Miles of road and miles of road cross rivers and mountains and forests alone.


Winds of cold and winds of cold cause shivers and weakness and sadness of bone.


Self-banished. Self-exiled. Worn shoes. Torn sleeves. Dead end.

An ocean, Pacific, taunts, splashes tears back in my face. I cannot run. There is no more road. There is no more road. The road ends here. I collapse on the beach and



So many waves of blue that breathe between her eyes and peace;

between my cries and peace.


So many waves

of blue

that breathe.


So many waves

of truth

I breathe,

and breathe,

and breathe.


Miles of road and miles of road crossed rivers and mountains and forests




I can live with me now.


The road starts here.



For dVerse Open Mic Tuesday.


14 thoughts on “Blue

  1. It seems as if the writer realises he made mistakes and has lost the person he loved but has learned from that mistake and that loss. Very lovely imagery even though it is such a sad subject.

  2. Blues piling on blues – eyes that haunt, and cry with loss. It’s all here – poignant and sad, but ending on new beginnings.

  3. Different shades of blue in many aspects of life. I like the crescendo building up and then tapering off giving a lingering effect! Great write Henry!

  4. leahJlynn says:

    I’am glad the road starts a again. This poem at it’s own continuous flows of waves and emotions that could be felt as I read.

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