For what it is worth

I never told you the reason I had to go
I didn’t mean to leave you trapped
a cactus out of place near river
on the shiver of a dark storm’s lap

Arctic wind from sin borne youth
blew me to Siberia’s barren womb
an ice laced tree removed from truth
the sadness on your face
the wilt of bloom

I’m lost in disgrace
and lack of proper taste
and respect
for the beauty of your name
and the smiles exiled from our place

I do know your name
and have it shaved in my mane
like a wolf at the moon
it cries out Val
out of tune
in frozen wind
‘cross permafrost tomb

To hear your voice
bleed so much pain
I could die ten deaths
beyond insane
beyond the insanity of fate’s crude painting
where you stand by a river like cactus dry
and me as tree in Siberia


I do love you
but I am sure my silent printed simple word
fall short of the symphony of your lyrical muse
I apologize
I apologize
from the dark side
of the world

For what it is worth
For what it is worth


11 thoughts on “Valerie

  1. some nice images here henry…Arctic wind from sin borne youth
    blew me to Siberia’s barren womb…nice…and again…this reads like a song…always so musical and lyrical your poetry..

  2. nice…the cactus makes for a cool vehicle…and its flowers….the name shaved in the beard, ha…now that is interesting as well…i def feel the remorse and the longing though…and siberia, yikes i bet you are cold…smiles.

  3. Sometimes all we can do is apologize sincerely if we have made mistakes, as we let the other person know that they ARE loved. A well written poem here.

  4. From desert to the great sweeping reaches of the solitude of the white…fantastic Henry…and I LOVE Lights…love her art as much as her music…

  5. You always build an encompassing environment for your art, reflecting your own impeccable lyrical taste, your photographic eye, a deep interaction with the art of others, and your own musical talent. It is always a treat to visit your blog; an adventure really.

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