Fruiterroriorist of the half-lemon variety
blindeaf muted fu-upped-busheet
twenty five years
quarter sensory outsanity
F-mon le-uck
half of one
one minus a half
of a f-mon le-ucking
why can’t the mute have a voice
if a voice can squeeze a mute
into a juice box for a quarterife
redickyouless busheet
as I kick back and drink iced tea on my balcony with a slice of lemon in it

But hey
the dude may be a Turkish threat
but the evidensilliness
is just plainilly outsanity
from my point of view
buying rounds of tequila
for everyone
with a slice of lemon to suck in the fact Canada ain’t so bad in the light of lemons.

And to my Turkish missionary sister
rock on
praying for souls
but for your sake
leave the f-mon le-uckings alone
stay out of their polemonitics
and just do your missionalities
minus the sour fruitality of their centless korts


8 thoughts on “Polemonitics

  1. dang– how weird is that… and just love your rant henry.. so creative…think i need a tequila now with a slice of…no wait…better not..ha

  2. Goodness, the news just gets stranger every day.

    I just find this amusing. “redickyouless busheet” I imagine that could be a new genus term to name something really weak in logic and silly.

  3. evidensilliness….if i was convicted because i had a fumon lecking is would be calling busheet too…lol…some really wicked word play in this…and we live in a world just as strange man…

  4. We grit our teeth at the insanity. 25 years? They must be joking. It’s no joke if it involves man’s freedom that long. Madness! Great for highlighting this, Henry!


  5. Sharp, acidic, and painful like lemon juice in the cut of injustice. Your voice is amplified by the inanity of the accusation leveled against this man. Deadly serious stuff though and the nonsense/half-sense words accentuate the point well. Excellent work!

  6. Now this is acidic, in all the right places. I love how you’ve used neologisms and wordplay to make a political statement, making the playfulness serious in a constructive way. If I had my druthers, I’d try to write like this all the time. Excellent.

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