I don’t

feel like

these bricks should

be tied to my feet.



I don’t feel like

this rhino

should be ridin’ my back.



I don’t like

acting like

a trained seal

tricking for fish.



my life shouldn’t have to rhyme,

free verse would be just fine.


So what if I want to take off my Costas

and cry for innocence slaughtered,

and fly to Colorado and hold a mothers hand;

free verse would be just fine.


Though we walk through the bloody

shadows of violent senseless death,

we need to be free to calm the screams

and wake the world from this dream on meth,

and know we dont walk alone,

a little free verse would be just fine.




A freed verse.



For dVerse


Merci, Matt!


14 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. wake the world from its meth dreams….a freed verse would truly be nice…i like the word play in that but no where near as much as the sentiment behind this piece…great piece man in the wake of what has happened…

  2. A free verse it is! There is freedom to express immediately, thinking on our feet. The ideas just flow smoothly as they do here, Henry! Great write!


  3. LOVED this! and your reading (who was that — Roy Buchanan?) Free Verse (especially as good as yours) is always a good thing – and just ’cause I happen to be writing these day in rime & meter don’t mean it’s always my mileu, if you dig?! I especially liked the stops and starts – it took on a sharpened edge!

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