Angie cover, Kelly Jones,Stereophonics version. Scheduled to be in New York soon. Check him out if you can and give him a listen. His original lyrics are excellente!

Now that the mood has been set… my post for dVerse.

For Angela:

When fluffy white clouds lay flat and gray
and stretch from dawn to dusk,
time puts on a black sweater,
stops rocking on my porch,
and listens to its fading ticks,
and silence inside trees,
as green stops working;
shuts down.

There is less air to breathe;
leaves brittle
break away
try to outrun winter’s wind
across the browning ground
only to be captured by a rotting wooden fence.

Time in a black sweater listens
to a train whistle’s scream
in the distance.

A fading sound.

The last sound.

The time has come.

And I am sad.

For dVerse.
Note: I love you!


10 thoughts on “Angela

  1. man you made me sad….this feels so final…time in a black sweater…you had me feeling for the leaves…the train whistle is so sad too…

    hope this is not the end of you…

  2. Henry, your use of language in this poem has me spellbound. I absolutely love it. I hope you are not really sad, though your vivid poem has me believing that you must be!

  3. poemsofhateandhope says:

    Erm- this floored me……punched me in the stomach, and then kicked me while I was down…..nothing else to say- apart from this is pure poetry…raw as life…loved this Henry – seriously…

  4. So hard to say these things in new ways and yet you found so many images that made it work..a train whistle the last thing time in a black sweater will hear…not a whimper, not a bang, but a long wailing fading horn…wow!

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