And I Cried

And I cried. 

In the city of blue – I was aware of repeating refrains of sadness – moaned from spires high. 

Beauty lost in years of the addictive problem – the addictive problem – unrecognized – by choice. 

Her face floated in morning red haze across Harbinger Bay – a warning – unheeded. 

Long, long nights echoed pain of impossible; a tattoo stain we shared – impossible – impossible. 

There was no learning, only frequent – frosted – frowning – failure by choice – and frowning. 

She was injured – time demonstrated no mercy – ghastly, oh so ghastly – her ghostly frame. 

Resources were chained in boxes with bad mold hid in cellars underneath abandoned ruins of castles. 

Almost – Almost – Almost was a flag flown half-mast while commitment was off hunting fox in forests green. 

And I cried.


7 thoughts on “And I Cried

  1. the repetition in this is really effective henry….while commitment was off hunting foxes…that bit was my fav….really interesing rather chaotic rhythm as well…the allit in the middle i really cool…the addiction, been there…and seen it consume others as well…hard place…

  2. I really like your closing lines, the flag and half mast, and the endless, circular feel of repeating your opening line for the close – “And I cried.” On another note, what happened to your tree? It’s been a long time, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about it means I’m thinking of the wrong blog, and apologies then for that.

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