Of all the days – that were days in the days – when days were weeks,

I missed out on the most days; the lost days;

where one day; Friday – was king.


I’d be ten years younger – if only –

the party days mattered.


And now –

well –

the other days – the lost days – count.


22 thoughts on “Days

  1. Ah, Henry, I hear you with this. If only those Friday/party days mattered. I remember those days too. And weren’t they fun while they were???

  2. smiles…in college, fridays were party days and we had live music in our house every week…got a few lost days in there myself…each day does count, only we get to put the emphasis on which ones mean the most…

  3. I’m feeling the lyrical part of this piece, with the repetition of thought and the longing sound. I feel silly thinking about crowning the end of the week, but I guess we all do it. Interesting piece, Henry.

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