Strumming Between

Black and White

I hear a train wreck blowing

Friends laughing behind my back

My love from the rebel side of

Railroad tracks

And I sit here strumming in-between

Streets of white and black

Though I feel a train wreck rambling

I don’t give a damn

I see a garden growing

All colored flowers one

My love is stuck in prison

For others racial dumb

And I sit here strumming in-between

Weeds of white and black

And I sing of love and train crash

Just like your Johnny Cash

He wasn’t ‘fraid of nothing

Much less of white and black

He only wore one color

But never turned his back

And I sit here strumming in-between

Rails of this beaten track

Though I feel a train wreck rambling

I don’t give a damn

And I love you country woman


We walk the line.


17 thoughts on “Strumming Between

  1. dude, put it to music and get it on the radio….smiles…just saying…i like that you straddle the fence between the two…and i love trains and train tracks…maybe not a wreck but those happen….hope that love gets out the pokey as well…smiles.

  2. Your allusions to the Cash songs work so well, entwining with the themes of his words and yours like a duet. I loved his version of Reznor’s Hurt. Your juxtaposition of lines works well to intensify the sense of a spacious border separating the lovers The iterations of the foreboding train wreck are like a chorus reminding us of both the risk of love and its power. It sings as beautifully as anything he ever wrote. Beautiful.

    • I know, the strength of the melody and orig lyrics was a challenge, because the song kept playing in my head as I tried to write my theme. I think in the end it did overpower my purpose, but it was a fun write and experiment. Thank you for your comment. And I don’t use repitition, I have a poetic studder 🙂 but thank you, I am a skilled studderer 🙂

  3. And I sit here strumming in-between
    Rails of this beaten track…oh i like…best thing to make music in the face of the challenges of life…musical as ever sir henry..i like

  4. Cool – not in form, but nonetheless a true blues song. Like the tribute to J. Cash throughout and the reference to the never ending racial conflicts that occur everywhere but which seems to steamengine through US politics our entire history. Just as we make progress the cars seem to come unlinked. Well done.

  5. Hi Henry! (great last name, btw) This is a wonderful poem, lyrical, deep and touching. Excellent! (and thank you for the “Hersheys cometh” comment, loved that 🙂

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