I Watch A Leaf Die

Damn Fence

I watch a leaf die
Torn from its home
Storm unnamed
And fly
Fall in a flying type illusion
But falling in its
Only flight
Graceful in appearance to the ground
A death swirl
More like surrender
A gentle crash on grass
A soft sigh
But deafening in significance
A long gaze up from where it fell
Sad pause for effect
Reflect in a moment of silence
Wind returns
Whispering last rites
The leaf flounders like a BB gun wounded wren
Up and down along the lawn
To the fence
Caught by the fence
The property line
The boarder without a pass to cross
A little flutter remains manipulated by breeze
But dying
Fading green-ish to fragile brown
Glass like
Numbing to witness
Ironic in its simplicity and science
Becoming its own soil
Buried in itself
I watch a leaf die

At dVerse Victoria asked us to write a literary illusion based on another piece of art. This was rather personal, I had to find a photo to represent music I will never hear again and a parting friend whose voice will now exist unaccompanied. But this could mean many a thing, and leaves to grow back, just not the same. If it makes no sense, that is okay, I can be selfish meaning. But I hope you took something away from this read and excercise.


18 thoughts on “I Watch A Leaf Die

  1. a deafening indignifigance…made loud and given worth by your capture…because you noticed…smiles. dang vivid capture of its journey man…love the movement…

    and your words tonight warmed my heart man…

  2. Well, your note explains why I cried while reading it. The illusion of flying when actually falling was a particularly potent metaphor. More like a surrender and becoming its own soil spoke to the poignancy of the loss. The shorter lines added to the sense of suffering, brought to mind deportation or addiction creating a sealed border. Your empathy always shines through in your writing.

  3. In approaching death, the leaf flies, flutters and embraces the forgiving soil. Those are life changing moments that we do not understand – yet.

    This reflection of the moment is sad and moving and perhaps, that is its greatest gift?

  4. I kept reading back to -“More like surrender/ A gentle crash on grass” There is a complete circle of reciprocation present here. Your single word lines fall musically, and “Becoming its own soil, buried in itself…” is a resounding finish. wonderful write.

  5. Every individual brings something unique to the world, and they take it when they go…to become it’s own soil buried in itself… So much beauty in the sadness of loss…you capture it well in these lines. A sad but beautiful journey.

  6. This is my favourite poem of yours that I have read. I’m sorry that it was inspired by a loss for you, but deep feelings often give rise to magnificent poetry. The most memorable lines:
    “A gentle crash on grass
    A soft sigh
    But deafening in significance”

  7. A poignant sense of love and loss and change…but also acceptance…very beautifully conveyed…I watch a leaf die…..such a short and sublime opening…and your end touches on your beginning….I can so relate to that! Thanks for your comment on mine.

  8. Henry, this moved me deeply. You have an artisit’s/poet’s mind and heart to observe and relate nature to life. This is a poem to be read again and again and your process notes make it all the more important to me.

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