The Decomposer

Terry S. Amstutz
Terry S. Amstutz
Terry S. Amstutz

The music of rust
Never sleeps
An eternal lust
Eroding notes
Minims and Quavers
Without prejudice
A song never to be played

In fact
A never ending non-melodic sound of
Decaying to

The decomposer of what was


dVerse Saturday Poetics host, Claudia introduced us to photographer Terry S. Amstutz. We were to select a photograph of Terry’s and write a poem about it. I found this photo on his Blog. Please check his site. Also checkout the fine poetry at dVerse http://dversepoets.com/


27 thoughts on “The Decomposer

  1. and returning all to the earth so that it may be born again…funny thing that rust…providing slow painful deaths…you had me with the title of this one…perfect! (and between you and me…backwards change is about the only change I get with my view 😉 )

  2. ha..there’s def. music in rust…and it tells long and adventurous stories…a song never to be played twice…love this henry

    (on a side note.. i have the ok from terry to use the pics i posted at dVerse.. if you use another, you should ask him if it’s ok)

  3. dang…cool…the music of rust…and you even give it sound in your words….i think rust can be very beautiful actually…it does some pretty amazing things on the way to decay…kinda like the last brilliant of leaves as they die…

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Wow, Henry, am new to your poetry, and I love this piece! I, too, chose another image from Terry’s blog. He was cool with it. This prompt peaked my photographer & poet’s interest, for Patina is my main bitch when my lens, internal or ex, scans yesterday’s scars worn proudly, sadly, on the metal faces, forearms, and posteriors of the steel community, or the iron clan. I once wrote something called SAND NEVER SLEEPS. Thanks.

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