The Dream Within

this kiss
in parting
my days
have flown
in a vision
within a dream

I roar
grains of
while I weep

O God

I grasp

Over at dVerse Poets, Anna has challenged us to try erasure poetry. Take a page from an existing work, in this case, I took the poem A Dream Within A Dream by Poe and erased words until i found a new poem.


13 thoughts on “The Dream Within

  1. oh excellent…i almost went with poe….and you made it your own…and actually rather moving henry…the grains of the deep…the roar and clinging tight to the dream withing…really well played sir…

  2. I felt hints of familiarity while reading your poem. It is certainly Poe-like but your choice of words holds it differently. ” tormented within grains of deep…” you place “within” -a key word in the original- into a completely different sequence. This is a great example of why I enjoyed this exercise so much. Word arrangement means everything. Great work.

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