From Here To Here

I whispered to their ears,
“I love you.”
I had to tell them with my breath.
They asked,
“How far did you travel?”
I touched my heart
And then the father’s chest,
I said,
“From here to here.”
They understood the rest.


This is for dVerse Pub of fantastic poets open mic night. Please read many more. These here are very talented and gifted. They make amatuers like me feel very welcome and at a home.


The Look

You gave me the look – I look for – when I look for the look – in bookstores on the waterfront of a river – a flowing life – half blocked with ice in the morning – when coffee steams – extra – and smells – extra strong and alive from a silver(ish) – thermal mug breathing heat – from a scarred wooden table near a glassy – slightly scratched – window – separating you from a half-frozen river in the foothills of Wyoming – with sky as blue as your eyes – snow as pure as your skin – and mountain ranges roaring in the distance – as thrilling as the look – yes – your look – you gave me – when I looked for the look – I look for – in a world of looks –I finally found in a bookstore – in Wyoming.