A Peace of Tart?

The final step has been performed

A bugle blast at dusk no war

Forgotten grave now groans in ground

The winner’s flag no longer found


A daughter’s tear silently warns

The final step has been performed

A suitcase hides in closet dark

One timer ticks just like a heart


Champagne is poured in glasses proud

A toast by blind men to a clown

The final step has been performed

The taste of ash to be ignored


Their claim of peace chirps like a lark

From limbs up high near Jardin Parc

A fresh baked tart has just been warmed

The final step has been performed



This is a FICTIONAL piece based Jeremiah 8:11,

“For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly, Saying, ‘Peace, peace!’ When there is no peace.”  I was watching the news and listening to this sales pitch on the progress of peace and I thought, ‘What peace?’ and remember reading this scripture once. NOTE:  Remember I live in Canada before anyone thinks I’m making a political statement on USA government.  I wrote a tongue in cheek poem before and got some very interesting comments.  This is not political!

Anyway, we were challenged to write a Quatern, a French form of poetry by Gay R. Cannon on Form-For-All at dVerse Poets Pub,  http://dversepoets.com/

So I had no clue what to write about, my muse was snoozing, so I just started working with this theme about peace.  I was going to call it, “If Jason Bourne Wrote a Poem,” but there may have been some issues with using the name, so I came up with the lame title that now sits atop my lame attempt at a Quatern. Maybe I should write movie scripts, or not. HA.


29 thoughts on “A Peace of Tart?

  1. haha. i love your original title….bourne is awesome…the first stanza is really good and brings feeling…the daughter and suitcase one as well…each stanza is like a snap shot to me…all around your refrain…and interesting scripture as well to build on…

    went by the trailer this evening (from my poem) but no one was around…

  2. I don’t think it’s lame; it’s a companion-piece to mine actually and I don’t even think you’ve read it. Oddly we have many poem tonight with this very theme. Check out Susan Daniels, and don’t forget to stop at Miriam’s either. Peace of the season and war seems to be engaging our collective subconscious. I’m always surprised when that happens on #OLN night and yet it often does. I liked this very very much Henry. I think it’s much better than my own.

  3. I had known you were not American, Henry; but did NOT know you were Canadian. A very fine quatern, Henry. And the meaning….yes, it rings so trur.

  4. The first line of the last stanza: “Their claim of peace chirps like a lark”–that is very, very good, as is the whole work. I like it, even if you thought it lame. (We are often not the best judges of our own work!)

  5. Fantastic Henry! That refrain is awesome. Lyrical and sets the mind to wondering…in regards to form…who am I to judge…still working on it 😉 but I dare say it’s perfect

  6. ha the jason bourne title would’ve been really cool indeed…nevertheless love the poem henry…i wasn’t expecting anything else than a straight iambic pentameter one can sing and play to..and see..i’m not at all disappointed..interesting on the inspiration for the piece as well…

  7. Hello Henry,
    Might you be the same Henry that I met at Faithwriters many years ago? I think by your writing here that you are… and I’m happy to make your acquaintance again! I haven’t tried this Q yet… but might yet. Lesley-Anne Evans

    • Yes that is where I first started writing poetry. Nice to meet you again. You were on a short list of readers who seemed to like what I wrote. I like writing here and I would suggest you give it a try. I know I’ve always enjoyed your work.

      • Aw, it’s so interesting how our paths cross. I came here because of Kolembo, a talented poet who showed up at my Buddy Breathing blog and has been inspiring and kind to me. So, yes, I will consider this place, once New Year comes and my season of preparation is done. So good to find you here, Henry.

  8. A theme after my own heart, Henry. Sadly, I doubt that peace will ever break out everywhere at the same time. I was just watching the news about Northern Ireland in which the troubles seem to be breaking out again over Belfast City Council taking down the British flag over the town hall in advance of Hilary Clinton’s visit. and now they’re making bombs again.

    The quatern form has produced some amazing poems, and think possibly because the repeated line allows a point to be made strongly.

  9. Kelvin S.M. says:

    ..i liked it… i really do… it sounded so tender and noble and yeah ,i think, very inspired.. i’m hooked up with your rhyming too… it falls so easily and effortless..another simply appealing Quatern at dverse… glad i read it…smiles…

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