A Great Idea: A Poem for Christmas

Grace is hosting tonight at Open Mic night at dVerse Poet’s Pub http://dversepoets.com/

This last week I saw a man in his jogging clothes standing outside a house with a rose in his hand.  Being the romantic I am, I thought it was funny, and later jotted down this non-poem writing type of thing about what I saw.  It possesses no art value, poetic expression, or inspiration, but it may be fun to read, unless you do not like my spacing and then I do not know what to say.  Have fun, enjoy the pub, and this piece of deep inspired thought on paper 🙂


I shake my head yes and leave without further comment


If I was writing this script

(Which I

For one

Do not get to in life)

Is what my character would have done


Mouth shut


Exit stage left


Further comment



Here I am today:


I know I should have smiled

And kept my comment mute

But love is such a sound

It has to sing its song


I’m standing in the snow

With roses in my hand

My heart makes such a sound

It has to sing its song


I can’t zap yesterday

And make it disappear

Our love makes such a sound

Please let us sing its song


I know you love your mom

She’s not the anti-christ

I’d love for her to stay

And bless our Christmas day




It was cold outside

I’m sorry

I was a jerk


I’ll get her at the station


Through New Years


I was thinking the same



I’m not being sarcastic

I promise



Where’s the brandy



Now wasn’t that an artistic treat? 🙂


15 thoughts on “A Great Idea: A Poem for Christmas

  1. Oh no…inlaws for the holidays? I write poems because I’ve grown way too accustomed to nodding and smiling in the real world…yes, at Christmas time…I write many 😉 A fine idea indeed, Poet…cups up!

  2. and now I know 😉 and have had that song stuck in my head since first reading…not a bad thing for me…but I’m driving everybody else crazy…it’ll be me outside with the rose soon if I don’t stop.

  3. Whimsical indeed – it’s pretty much a free wheeling, free association poem. I always like those – they’re just so “beat”. I may go to there next time for a Christmas poem. Thanks, I like it.

  4. Laughing — yeah, during the holidays, be nice to the in-laws. Your spouses defenses are on full-protect mode.

    Yeah, spacing is tough for some of us. It forces so much scrolling and blurred white font on start black blog! 🙂

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