The Look

You gave me the look – I look for – when I look for the look – in bookstores on the waterfront of a river – a flowing life – half blocked with ice in the morning – when coffee steams – extra – and smells – extra strong and alive from a silver(ish) – thermal mug breathing heat – from a scarred wooden table near a glassy – slightly scratched – window – separating you from a half-frozen river in the foothills of Wyoming – with sky as blue as your eyes – snow as pure as your skin – and mountain ranges roaring in the distance – as thrilling as the look – yes – your look – you gave me – when I looked for the look – I look for – in a world of looks –I finally found in a bookstore – in Wyoming.


13 thoughts on “The Look

  1. its nice to finally find that look…i like the zoom out to the mountains and the snow…you start and end us in the bookstore which i like but that zoom out opens it up for me…and the mountains roaring…cool turn that…

  2. Many think of cowboys and the wild west when they think of Wyoming…So good to know there are bookstores. And magical moments. I enjoyed the form. Worked with it once. It seems to pull the reader through the poem in a magnetic sort of way. Almost staccato-like.

  3. I get that look in bookstores…usually just before the security guards escort me out for having my nose buried…breathe…inhale…ink on fresh pressed pages…sorry! drifting 🙂 Loved this Henry…you played well to this one…as the reader could easily see it all being played out, the fire in the eyes despite the chill in the air…when your adventures come to print, I’ll happily get buzzed up on the ink and lose myself in the words. Been loving the tunes too, btw…ever consider KidDenver radio? Nice mix

  4. poetaviator © says:

    hello, i usually (rarely, really) don’t like leaving comments in peoples blog…poetry is personal & should not be judge (whether someone likes it or not). but, i really enjoyed this piece…brought back my own memories. i always, did, enjoy those moments of “the look”. 😉

  5. Henry, Henry… what else can i say other than: once again, your work is fascinating. i loved how you began ‘small’, branched out, took us places and brought us safely back to where it all began. beautifully done.

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